Now celebrating 20 years in business, Martinez Creative Group is a digital marketing agency located just outside of Chicago. We work with clients on a national basis providing marketing strategy, graphic design, video, and digital marketing services to help businesses strengthen their brands.

Are you looking for strategic advice based on deep experience? Are you a brand that demands a consistent voice and expert execution? Partner with us and we’ll aim to meet your needs with marketing solutions that crisply communicate your business objectives.

If you’re looking for the kind of creative communications partner who loves to make brands shine and can help you succeed, you’ve come to the right place.

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“Martinez Creative Group is proactive with presenting new ideas for expanding our brand
awareness. Whether it’s a unique promotional item that mirrors our strategy or concepts that keep
our customers engaged, MCG provides creative options that help make STANLEY Security memorable.”

“Martinez Creative Group has been a great partner in helping us build and promote our brand and offerings. They have helped us manage our marketing efforts across all our social media, website, and videos. We count on Martinez Creative Group as a trusted member of our team.”

“We worked with Martinez Creative Group for about 12 years on all of our marketing
communications including our custom designed website, newsletters, videos, social media,
mobile apps, and email marketing. They are a trusted partner and act like our external marketing
department. They are always fully engaged in the issues our company faces.”

“I highly recommend Martinez Creative Group as lead Marketing Agency for any organization because of MCG’s ability to provide effective strategic direction and excellent execution of related tactics.”

“So many good things can be said about the campaign for the Innovation Center. It has instilled a great sense of pride in our team. Seeing themselves on camera and hearing their stories being told in such a passionate, professional way has given our employees a new confidence in how they work together as a team.”