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Why Being Positive is Just as Important as Your Elevator Pitch

You’re going to a business event and you’ve prepared your elevator pitch: your 30-second spiel intended to impress everyone in the room. You’ve crafted it, practiced it, and improved on it. 


But did you remember to just…be yourself?


At MCG, our elevator pitch has evolved over the years, just as our business has. A few years ago, our pitch might have focused on native apps when they were all the rage. Today, our focus is more on mobile sites, digital marketing, SEO, and social media.


We challenge you to take a moment and think: if you had to give your elevator pitch without warning to someone you value – say, someone whose business you want or someone you want to work for – what would you say that would really WOW them?



This is always something good to be prepared for. Your pitch shouldn’t sound rehearsed and memorized, but should be a few quick points you’ve put some thought into that are always at the ready.


Your personal pitch should generally be shaped towards your audience. For example, here is my elevator pitch as myself:


I’m Olivia Bellon and I have 5 years of marketing experience. I’m passionate about writing and fashion, I love the company DAVIDsTEA for both their product and the way they brand themselves, and I love creating fun social media campaign concepts for businesses.


My personal pitch contains a few important, relevant facts about me that quickly explain both my professional experience and a bit of my personality.



Here’s an example elevator pitch of what I would say on behalf of MCG:


I’m Olivia Bellon, PR and Social Media Director at Martinez Creative Group. We’re an advertising and marketing communications agency that specializes in branding, web and mobile design, social media, video marketing, and content development. We’re passionate about building brands and telling our clients’ stories in ways that meet their business objectives.



Just as it’s important to be prepared for a business event – it’s more important to be genuine than to try and impress people. Have you ever been at a networking event and met someone who was friendly, personable, and overall just so memorable?


What was it that made them memorable? Was it their latest achievement? The name of their biggest client? Chances are it wasn’t that at all – but it was their tone and their overall personality.


Likeable people are memorable people. What makes someone so likeable? They listen as much, if not more, than they talk. They ask questions to keep a conversation going and show interest in someone else. And most importantly: they come off as genuine, optimistic, and overall happy (and they typically talk with a smile)!


It’s good to go to networking events and dazzle people with your business acumen. But what pairs best with your elevator pitch is your positive personality. Be sure to bring it with you along with your business cards.


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