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Time for a Rebrand: Making Sure Your Image Matches your Mission

When we met with the Geneva Foundation for the arts (“GFA”) and heard their vision for their brand, we knew we could help craft a campaign that would align with their mission. We love working with nonprofits, and we were thrilled to provide them with a new logo, video marketing, new website, and social media presence.



Nonprofits and Donations


The GFA’s vision has remained the same since the beginning: to beautify the Geneva area by funding more public art projects, to connect artists and businesses who need art by providing grants, and to create a future Community Arts Center. Being a 501 (c)(3) organization, the Geneva Foundation for the Arts relies on charitable donations from the community. Without the generosity of donations, the GFA would not be able to raise funds to provide public art projects to the community.


When we first embarked on the video campaign, we researched what motivates community members to donate to non-for-profits:

  • Statistics don’t typically help persuade donations; stories do
  • People donate to causes that tug at their heartstrings
  • People are influenced by others; oftentimes, if they see someone make a generous contribution, it will make them more likely to give, as well


We kept all of this in mind as we developed their marketing campaign – from the videos that tell the story of the public art projects they’ve helped to fund to the website being mobile responsive, easy-to-navigate, and with the donation process being simple and straightforward.


The New and Improved Website


The website is an important aspect to the GFA’s image within the community. A professionally designed website adds credibility to the organization, giving donors and those looking to support the arts a place to learn more about their organization.



We redesigned the website to have the same look and feel as their logo throughout the site, and incorporated the videos into the site to tell the story behind each of their public art projects. We also included pages on the history of the GFA, a list of board members, and information on each of their projects. Most importantly, we made the donation options easily accessible for making safe and secure donations.


Past and Future Projects


The video portion of the campaign was broken into three pieces: a video on each of their two public art projects and a general video with information about the foundation. The two major projects the GFA has helped fund and organize are:


You can learn more about the behind the scenes process of the videos by viewing our blog post here.





A long-term goal of the GFA is to create a Community Arts Center, which would be a member-driven community hub offering art programs, art activities, and a place to host performances and exhibitions. The GFA continues to work towards this goal through generous donations and bequests.


Social Media

With the rebrand, the GFA wanted to incorporate social media to be more active in the community. With limited resources, they didn’t feel they could manage every social media platform and decided to focus on Facebook. We always recommend that if an organization isn’t able to keep up with all channels, it’s better to do one social media channel well rather than trying to be on every platform – and the GFA was on board with this vision.


The Facebook page is important for a number of reasons:

  • It can help raise awareness of the GFA in the community
  • It can interact with other like-minded organizations such as local nonprofits, large art museums, schools, publications, and media
  • It can be used to share arts-related news, information, and upcoming events
  • It can be used to answer questions for anyone who messages the page, which may be more accessible for people than visiting the website


If you’d like to get more information on donating to the GFA, please visit the Donate page of the website.




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