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MCG Welcomes Summer Marketing Communications Intern

This summer, we’re excited to welcome Jack as our Marketing Communications intern at MCG. Jack has been with us since mid May and is working on video scripts, social media, web content, and other writing projects. Jack is interested in pursuing a career in writing, so working at MCG is a great experience to start learning some real-world writing skills.

Jack in a production of Into the Woods


About Jack
I’m seventeen years old and will be a senior in the fall at Central High School in Burlington, IL.


In the future I plan to pursue a career in writing, as it has always been something that interests me. Some of my favorite writers right now include Cormac McCarthy, James Joyce, and Joseph Conrad. Two of my favorite books are Blood Meridian and The Road, both by McCarthy. A few of my favorite movies are A Clockwork Orange, Amadeus, and No Country for Old Men.


I enjoy participating in the theatre program and National Honor Society at my school. Outside of school, I am interested in writing, listening to music, and playing video games. This summer I am also attending a creative writing camp for two weeks at Lake Forest College, reading, going to my aunt’s lake house in Wisconsin, going to a Cage the Elephant concert, hiking, and biking with friends.


I was interested in finding a summer job where I could learn how to communicate professionally, learn how writing is used in business, and learn how a business works. I’m excited to work as an intern for Martinez Creative Group this summer and the projects I’ve been working on are interesting. It’s a fun place to work.


Hiking in the San Jacinto Mountains


If you’d like to help Jack start building his LinkedIn connections, please connect with him here. And if you see Jack at a meeting, on a call, or in an email group, be sure to say hello!

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