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MCG Social Media Presentation at St. Charles Chamber of Commerce

Our team was honored to present at the Summer Lunch Series hosted by the St. Charles Chamber of Commerce this summer at Liu Brothers Bistro. The subject was social media and MCG team members spoke on the topic of “How to Find Your Yellow Brick Road Through the ‘Oz’ of Social Media.”


We are often asked by our clients, “My client base is older. They won’t be on Instagram or Facebook. Why should I get my business involved in social media?” We kicked off our presentation with Olivia Bellon, our PR & Social Media Coordinator, engaging the audience with some surprising statistics. “Did you know YouTube reaches more U.S. adults than any cable network?” Olivia began. “And, 77% of business-to-consumer and 43% of business-to-business companies acquired clients from Facebook.”




Olivia then went into further detail showcasing one of the biggest benefits of social media: establishing yourself as an expert in your field and making yourself a resource within your industry. Social media helps companies demonstrate their products and services, which gives customers and prospects a better feel for what services they provide and why you should use them. Delving deeper, Olivia covered how to know which channels your company should be on and how to best interact with followers.


Megan Johnson, MCG’s Digital Strategist, told the story of PostcardMania’s social media use and success on LinkedIn. Megan noted the importance of setting goals and tracking efforts with each marketing campaign and utilizing metrics available through Google Analytics to track campaigns. Through a process of experimentation, PostcardMania identified LinkedIn as the social media channel that generated the most business leads for them. Megan’s final point was a reminder to not give up if you don’t immediately reach your audience on social media. She emphasized “jumping in” and the necessity to experiment with different social media channels.




Social media is about experimenting: don’t be afraid to try new platforms and types of posts. It should be fun and interesting, and should always be kept positive.


We’d love to help you reach your marketing goals through social media. Contact us for more information at 630-945-3390.

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