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Storytelling Through Video: Geneva Foundation for the Arts

When we were first approached to help with marketing for the Geneva Foundation for the Arts, we were excited to help tell their story. The arts are very near and dear to our hearts and we felt supporting the arts in Geneva and our local community was an excellent fit. And what better way to tell the story of an organization dedicated to the arts than video?


Our goal was to talk with board members on camera who would tell us about the Foundation, talk with art commissioners who had the pleasure of working with the Foundation, and see the art projects the Foundation helped bring to life.



The purpose of these videos was to show viewers what the Foundation does to help support public art, and share how artists can apply for a grant through the GFA.



After our initial meeting to discuss the videos, we quickly realized we needed to build three videos: a general video about the GFA, and two videos dedicated to their two major art projects: the Prairie Girl Sculpture and the Fox Valley Jewish Neighbors’ Wall Mural.



We organized who would best represent the Foundation in the videos, along with who could speak on behalf of the two art projects. We then conducted initial phone interviews with all interviewees to discuss the project and determine a list of questions.



The next time you’re planning an upcoming marketing campaign, consider if video marketing might be the best way to share your message.



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