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Client Spotlight: Randal Retail Group

For almost two years now, we have had the pleasure of working with Randal Retail Group, a retail millwork manufacturer based in Batavia, IL. Randal Retail Group works with fast casual restaurant and retail chains throughout the United States to design and build custom interiors that carry the same look and feel from one location to the next throughout a company’s entire franchise system.


This family-owned company has been in business almost 40 years, and their sales relationships have been built on the same principles that matter most to any successful business: trust, integrity, and doing what they say they’ll do – on time, and on budget.

When we first began working with Randal Retail Group in 2018, we knew that they had a bigger story to tell than the one that their customers were seeing. We started by brainstorming on who the Randal Retail team is, and landed on the tagline of: Randal Retail Group: Building the Retail Experience One Store at a Time. This tagline was the basis for a series of videos we shot at Randal Retail’s 250,000 square foot warehouse facility, where we also interviewed key members of their sales and management teams.



One of the fun highlights of working with Randal Retail has been helping to promote their stand-alone Hershey Café in Philadelphia. Randal Retail partnered with Event Network to design and build the custom store, and was responsible for providing the kitchen cabinets, POS station, slatwall panels, countertops, ceiling trusses, parson tables, and impulse bins. The store opening garnered quite a bit of “tasty” local news coverage and now serves the 2.5 million annual patrons of the Philadelphia Independence Visitor Center.


MCG has been happy to partner with Randal Retail Group on a number of services, including:

  • Branding strategy
  • Email marketing
  • Written blog and article content
  • Video marketing
  • Website updates
  • Brochures
  • Signage
  • PowerPoint presentations
  • Management of LinkedIn and social media accounts


One of the things I have always loved about being in marketing is learning about all of our clients’ different industries. Learning the retail industry through Randal Retail Group has been an exciting opportunity to learn about what’s most important to their clients, how they approach problem-solving, and what it takes to attract and retain the best customers in the business.




According to Chuck Bray, VP of Sales and Marketing at Randal Retail Group, “Martinez Creative Group has been a great partner in helping us build and promote our brand and offerings. They assist with updating our website, as well as managing our marketing efforts across all our social media.” Chuck goes on to say, “I count on MCG as a trusted member of my team.” Thank you for the kind words, Chuck – we couldn’t agree more!


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