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Promotional Items – Keeping Your Brand Top of Mind with Customers

Want to keep your product or service top-of-mind with your prospects? What better way than with a promotional giveaway? More than just a small throwaway, the right promotional item can be its own mini marketing campaign. Check out our brand development strategy services with Martinez Creative Group.

A task we’re often called on to fulfill – and one that often gets overlooked or treated as a last-minute campaign detail – is creating the perfect promotional item for tradeshows or other industry events. This includes finding a giveaway appropriate to the product or campaign that fits within a client’s budget and crafting the branding, messaging, design, and packaging to accompany it.


We recently developed two promotional items that had a huge impact on our clients’ target markets.


STANLEY© Security Insights Product Launch
Stanley Security came to us looking for a promotional giveaway item to launch STANLEY Insights, their new professional services and software product, at the ASIS tradeshow.*


About STANLEY Insights
STANLEY has developed proprietary data, tools, and methodology to leverage best practices across businesses. Delivering actionable intelligence and analytics like never before, STANLEY Insights™ provides value to both businesses and their stakeholders. STANLEY Insights’™ Analytics Solutions and Professional Services provide unparalleled visibility into an organization’s activities and operations.


We initially presented the client with several product options including pens, dominoes, flashlight keychains, headphones, and portable chargers, and ultimately settled on a flashlight. We then developed the perfect product messaging to fit both the flashlight and the goal of STANLEY Insights: Shed Light on Your Data.


Once we settled on the product and concept, we moved on to packaging. We sourced several package options and designed a custom label to be adhered to a fitted box with the theme and key message points about STANLEY Insights.


STANLEY Security New Product Launch Banners Banner Ads Flyer and Promo Item

The STANLEY Insights flashlight promotional giveaway was a part of the entire Insights product launch, including popup banners, digital banner ads, and brochures.


Upon seeing the finished product, our client remarked: “They look really great! The custom label elevates the gift from just a mere promo item to a true marketing tool.”


The client proceeded to order nine times the amount of our initial launch for future promotional use with STANLEY Insights. We couldn’t be more thrilled with the success of this project.




Max Armstrong’s Tractor App* Promotional Giveaway


We set a goal of finding a new, innovative way to promote Max Armstrong’s Tractor App. The promotion centered around the Half Century of Progress – a 4-day biannual event visited by over 100,000 vintage tractor collectors and enthusiasts held in Rantoul, IL, hosted by Max Armstrong and friends. But we had to find the perfect promotional tool that tied into the app and would grab the attention of this large, unique crowd.


We sourced a small, reusable screen cleaner and knew it was the perfect fit: it was both high tech and something we’d never seen before. And the best part of all: the screen cleaner was something users would definitely hold onto as it was designed to stick to the back of a phone or tablet – devices which just happen to house Max Armstrong’s Tractor App.

Max Armstrong's Tractor App Screen Cleaner Promo Item

We designed the screen cleaner in the shape and size of the tractor app icon and used the messaging: “Keep Your Screen Clean with Max Armstrong’s Tractor App.”


At the Half Century of Progress, we demonstrated how the screen cleaner works and folks were immediately hooked. Fans were thrilled to receive a small gift on behalf of Max Armstrong and were especially happy to see that the promo item features his unique handwritten signature. Some folks already had the tractor app, but we helped many others download the app onto their phones right on the spot.


MCG team at Half Century of Progress


As a bonus, we were able to use the screen cleaners as a social media tie-in on Max’s social media pages. With the already-popular app feature of Question of the Week, which users interact with on Facebook, we reward folks with a Max Armstrong Tractor App Prize Pack. The surprise pack is mailed to the winner and includes the screen cleaner and some other Tractor App goodies!


Done right, a promotional item can provide your customers and prospects with information on your product or brand, as well as keep your name top-of-mind for them. Impress your target market with the perfect promotional item and you’re sure to see some results you can’t argue with. Not sure where to start? That’s where we come in – so let’s talk.


*About the ASIS Tradeshow:

ASIS attracts a robust audience of security decision makers from across the public and private sectors – buyers interested in the newest security products and services on the market. These professionals are looking for the best solutions for their organizations and the partners who can help them succeed.

Protection of data and infrastructure. Loss prevention, cybersecurity, and employee safety. Counterterrorism, financial and facility security. For every threat and security challenge that exists – there’s a solution to be discovered at ASIS.


*About the Tractor App:
With Max Armstrong’s Tractor App, vintage tractor enthusiasts can test their tractor trivia skills and enjoy stories of classic machines on the go, with the free smartphone and tablet app from nationally-known farm broadcaster Max Armstrong. Users can also tune into daily radio updates from Armstrong’s “Farm Progress America” and “Midwest Digest” radio programs. Responding to user requests, the latest version of the app provides users with immediate responses in the two trivia sections, featuring Max’s distinctive voice and color commentary.


Don’t let your promotional giveaway become a last-minute afterthought. Done right, it can appeal to prospects and keep your company top-of-mind. Call us today to start your Q&A.

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