Great Lakes® Hybrids

As a corn, soybean, and alfalfa seed company, Great Lakes® Hybrids strives to bring only the best products to their customers through their world-class research and breeding program. Since 1921, Great Lakes Hybrids’ expert seedsmen have been Generations Ahead in research, technology, and performance. Great Lakes Hybrids is a division of AgReliant Genetics, LLC, the third largest independent seed company in North America. 

MCG has been honored to work with Great Lakes Hybrids since 2012 on comprehensive branding campaigns including media strategy, planning, and placement, mobile apps, sales promotion, public relations, signage and displays, TV and radio advertising, print and digital advertising, and catalog design.

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  • “I highly recommend Martinez Creative Group as lead Marketing Agency for any organization because of MCG’s ability to provide effective strategic direction and excellent execution of related tactics.”

    Doug Perry, Marketing Manager, Great Lakes Hybrids