Agtegra Cooperative

The Innovation Center is a team of precision ag specialists that helps growers with equipment maintenance, after-market upgrades, and the latest farming technologies. The Innovation Center also provides in-field support for their 7,800 customers, as needed. Based in Aberdeen, SD, the Innovation Center is a division of Agtegra Cooperative.

The Innovation Center worked with MCG’s creative and digital teams to develop a new branding campaign which included a new logo, a mobile responsive website, video library, print and digital advertising, social media, radio, and other marketing materials.

  • “So many good things can be said about the campaign for the Innovation Center. It has instilled a great sense of pride in our team. Seeing themselves on camera and hearing their stories being told in such a passionate, professional way has given them a new confidence in how they work together as a team.”

    Greg Smith, Director of Marketing, Agtegra Cooperative