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Freedom for Wherever Life Takes You: O2 Digital Animated Video


When Old Second National Bank was looking to launch O2 Digital, their exciting new mobile banking platform, they knew they needed something that makes a splash. Old Second approached MCG looking to create an animated video that quickly explains all of the capabilities of O2 Digital.


O2 Digital can be accessed from desktop, mobile, or tablet, so we knew the 30-second spot needed to quickly convey its easy accessibility. The varied functionality of the app needed to be shown as well, as users can pay bills, deposit checks, transfer funds, and check their banking balance – all while on the go.



Creating animated video is one of our favorite tasks at MCG, as it paradoxically combines both the unlimited freedom of animation and the need to clearly tell a story in a short period of time. Animated video is also a great tool for social media because it keeps your viewers’ attention, quickly conveys a concept, and helps simplify your story in a memorable way.


Animation can often be a much more economical solution than shooting live video. To stay within budget, the entire concept including all artwork, storyboard, and script must be approved before moving to animation.



For O2 Digital, we started brainstorming potential scenarios where users can access O2 Digital: while at the park, running, while taking care of children, or walking the dog. We also needed to show users accessing O2 Digital from at home or at work, at any time of the day.


As the ideas kept flowing, the beginnings of a story came to life around the idea that O2 Digital is the tool that gives people one thing: freedom.




All of the scenes in the video speak to this freedom as people are enjoying their lives and doing what they do: staying connected yet unencumbered by their banking needs.


In the final scene, a man uses his phone to pay for a kayak rental, then he and his partner are kayaking out on the open water enjoying a beautiful day as we hear, “Freedom – for wherever life takes you.”




We were honored to help Old Second National Bank launch their new digital platform with this engaging video. Be sure to check out some of our award-winning animated work for our other clients as well:


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If you’re interested in learning more about animated video, give us a call at 630-945-3390. We’re always happy to learn how we can help you with your specific marketing needs.


The “O2” and “Old Second” name, logo and/or trademark refer to Old Second National Bank are the property of and used with permission by Old Second Bancorp, Inc.

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