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MCG Celebrates 15 Years


2019 marks the 15th year MCG has been in business, and it’s been a heck of a ride. I can’t believe when I started off freelancing on my own in 2004 that MCG would be what it is today. When we were just starting out, it was just me and I was mainly just doing print design. We didn’t do any video back then, and the web was still pretty much in its infancy.


In the past 15 years, we’ve expanded into every area of marketing communications from web and mobile apps to animation, social media, and digital marketing. We’ve had short-term subcontractors, long-term team members, full time employees, and three different office spaces. I’ve traveled to more locations than I ever could have imagined, and I’ve consumed an embarrassing amount of sparkling water along the way. There have been quite a few bumps and mistakes, but I’ve learned to see each of these as opportunities to make improvements on everything we do.


I’m thankful for all of the people I’ve met and worked with in the past 15 years who have helped make MCG what it is today. Here’s a quick look at 5 lessons from 15 years in business:


Everything moves a lot faster than it did in 2004, and technology is at the top of the list. Just about everything we do at MCG is tied into tech, so it’s critical that we have team members who are at the top of their game. Keeping up with web updates, video, mobile, and social media can be a challenge, but we’ve been fortunate to work with Adam, Ryan, Angelo, and so many others who keep all of our clients’ projects running smoothly on the backend.


An Open Mind

It would be impossible to communicate on our clients’ behalf without learning everything we can about their businesses. Being in marketing has opened us up to the worlds of food, healthcare, security, retail, manufacturing, agriculture, renewable energy, behavioral health, and many other fields. It’s fascinating to learn about the inner workings of so many different industries and how they fit into this great, big world of ours.


The Long View

Business comes and goes, and nothing should ever be taken for granted. I’m thankful to have worked through some challenging periods over the years, such as the recession of 2007 / 2008, the changing agricultural economy, and all the ebbs and flows of business. One of the nice parts of still being in business after 15 years is working through roadblocks and learning the lessons that come with each new challenge. The upside is coming away with a gift you only get through earning it: resiliency.



From touring grain loading facilities in New Orleans to video shoots in California, South Dakota and all the places in between, our business travels over the past 15 years have taken us places we never could have imagined. Our country is vast, and seeing so much of it through work has been a tremendous gift. San Antonio, Los Angeles, New York, Minneapolis, Phoenix, St. Louis, Jacksonville, Kansas City…each location has its own customs, landscape, and food trends, and seeing so much of our country has given me a better perspective on our unique differences. Better yet, it’s been a delight to learn that at the heart of it, we all have the same basic wants and needs, no matter where we live.



Over the years, I’ve been blessed to work with some truly creative, amazing people who have been kind, hardworking, and a joy to be around. I’ve loved having longstanding business relationships with clients who trust us with their brand. We’ve had so many employees and subcontractors who have been a critical part of team MCG; without their help, very little of what we set out to do would get accomplished. And above all else, I’m thankful for family and friends who have stood by me during long hours and busy seasons, and who I can go home to at night. Running a business has been a wonderful, challenging ride, but it doesn’t count for much without people to share it with.


Thank you to all of our friends, family, and business associates. We’re looking forward to the next steps in the journey!






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