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MCG Creates “Running Strong” Campaign for the Innovation Center

The Innovation Center Looks to MCG for New “Running Strong” Campaign Website, Logo, and Branding


The Innovation Center, the precision ag division of Agtegra Cooperative headquartered in Aberdeen, S.D., has launched a new campaign called “Running Strong” to promote the Innovation Center and its team of Precision Ag Specialists. The campaign is a collaborative effort between Agtegra’s marketing department, the Innovation Center staff, and MCG.


Beginning in August of 2017, the Innovation Center began the process with MCG’s creative and digital teams to develop the new campaign which includes branding, a mobile responsive website, video library, advertising, and social media.

The Innovation Center is where growers go to get the latest technology for their operation. Their Precision Ag Specialists help growers with equipment maintenance, after-market upgrades, and the latest farming technologies. The Innovation Center also provides in-field support for their 7,800 customers, as needed.


MCG played an integral part in the concept and creation of the Running Strong campaign. Creative Director Kris Martinez explains the thought process behind the campaign. “We landed on ‘Running Strong’ as a campaign theme because the Innovation Center team knows how frustrating it can be when a customer breaks down at a critical time. Time is money,” says Martinez. “The Innovation Center’s number one goal is to keep growers running strong.”


The campaign began with a new Innovation Center logo and the “Running Strong” theme is carried through in all print advertising, brand messaging, social media, and radio and TV advertising.



Integral to telling the Innovation Story is video messaging. MCG partnered with Aberdeen-based Labyrinth Films to conceptualize, shoot and edit a series of video testimonials of the Innovation Center experts and the growers they serve.


The new website,, is a central location where customers can find all the parts, products, and services offered by the Innovation Center. The website also houses grower and expert videos as well as their stories and more information. “The website is a platform of information sharing and has the ability to expand as we need it to, with the possible addition of a parts store and chat rooms,” explains the Innovation Center Manager, Todd Linbo.


“The URL “” was chosen because innovation is what this team is doing right now to keep their customers up and running. When they’re trying to get a crop in or out of the field and they have a breakdown, they don’t have time to wait,” adds Martinez.

The Innovation Center has been thrilled with their new look, which has been used across all signage, hats, shirts, and their fleet of trucks.


Lance Larsen, Precision Ag Service Coordinator, was a project lead in the direction of the Innovation Center branding. “When I first saw the new Innovation Center logo, I got goose bumps. I said: THAT is exactly what we need.” Lance added, “We really like the functionality of the new site and the attractive new design. We’ve heard several favorable comments from our cooperative members.”


“Working with MCG has been a great experience. They know ag, and our growers and our team were very comfortable working with them on the videos,” says Lance.



Kris Martinez is very pleased with the finished product. “It was truly a collaboration between the Innovation Center, Agtegra’s marketing department, and our team” she said. “It took a lot of coordination and communication to make everything happen in a short period of time. We loved working with the Innovation Center team and their growers, and we’re proud of the finished products.”

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