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Jetstream: A Global Leader in Waterblasting Technology


Jetstream of Houston, a Federal Signal company (NYSE: FSS), is a leading supplier of innovative waterblasting solutions for a wide range of applications including industrial cleaning, surface preparation, hydro-demolition, and abrasive waterjet cutting. MCG was tasked with the redesign of the Jetstream site, which included an innovative jetting calculator and over 3,000 products in its unique eCommerce online store.


We’ve worked with clients in manufacturing for a number of years and always love learning about how companies are building their products and machinery to be faster and more efficient than ever before – and Jetstream is ahead of the curve in waterblasting technology. We were honored to work with a global leader like Jetstream on their new website.




The Strategy

Looking at Jetstream’s Google Analytics helped to determine which areas of the legacy website customers were using most. Naturally, users gravitated to Jetstream’s extensive product line, so we built the new site with an emphasis on an easy-to-navigate product database. From there, we were able to work with Jetstream to create a digital strategy and information architecture for the new site.


Key Messaging

Working with the Jetstream team, we developed a series of key marketing messages to quickly convey who Jetstream is as a company and the brand promise they offer their customers. A rotating banner area was built to house phrases such as Global Leader in Waterblasting Solutions along with specific product lines. This above-the-fold marquee area is also a great way to promote events such as upcoming tradeshows or other timely news.

The Design

The overall look and feel of the site needed to feel innovative, technical, and convey high-end expertise. To achieve this, we used a steel plate effect as well as imagery in Jetstream’s corporate blue and gray color palette, with accents of their corporate yellow in select areas. The website also needed to be mobile-responsive and automatically adjust to desktop as well as handheld devices.


Product Database

The website redesign project included organizing and categorizing over 3,000 products in its extensive product database. Users can search for products by application, use, cleaning solution, and other applications.




Dealer Locator

Jetstream offers an extensive worldwide network of sales representatives for its products, parts, and service. Customers can search for sales representatives by country, state, and product line; results immediately give users the necessary phone numbers and email addresses they need.



Other Resources

The new website also features product videos and animations, safety demonstrations, product overviews and brochures, links to social media, and service resources. The site also includes links to the other Federal Signal companies including Elgin Sweeper, Guzzler, Joe Johnson Equipment, Vactor, and Westech.


As the Global Leader in Waterblasting Solutions, Jetstream is leading the pack in innovation. We were honored to work with Jetstream on the redesign of their website, and we wish them many years of continued success!


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