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How to Motivate Your Staff to be Your Brand Ambassadors

Longtime client Pearson Fuels came to us looking for a way to help their employees better learn their business – and supply them with enough information to become their brand ambassadors.



Based in San Diego, Pearson Fuels opened in 2003 as the nation’s first alternative fuel station and specializes in bringing alternative fuels to California. Today, Pearson Fuels counts retail stations, regional fuel marketers, refiners, and retail fuel chains among its list of over 140 locations on the West Coast.



MCG was tapped by Pearson Fuels to develop a unique, bilingual Cashier Certification Program to help cashiers better understand Pearson Fuels’ many alternative fuel offerings, which include e85, biodiesel, traditional gasoline, and other fuels. Helping their cashiers to understand the differences in their fuels and communicate those benefits to their customers is critical to the success of their operation.



MCG partnered with Diamond Production to shoot the videos on location in San Diego. Click here to see the videos, which detail the various products offered by Pearson Fuels along with their customer benefits.


MCG also worked with Pearson Fuels to develop and design multiple Q&A presentations to help explain the various biofuels and their applications. An animated video further explains which biofuels can be used in what vehicles. The video helps make this complicated concept easier to understand.



Since many of Pearson Fuels’ employees and customers speak Spanish, it was critical to offer the program in both English and Spanish. All of the videos, animation, and presentations were built and are offered in both languages. Click here to see the Spanish version of the animated video. Once cashiers successfully pass the online quiz, they are rewarded with the Cashier Certification.



The program has been a success for Pearson Fuels to help engage their employees. By recognizing the specific needs of their Spanish-speaking staff, Pearson Fuels was able to better engage their entire team and make them their brand ambassadors. Now, both cashiers and customers can “Feel Good Fueling Up” with Pearson Fuels.



How are you engaging your employees and addressing their specific needs? Is your staff an extension of your brand? Or is there a critical communications gap that you’re missing out on? Contact us today to see how we can help build up your employees to be your brand ambassadors.


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