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How Limitations Drive the Creative Process


Think creativity is open-ended and free? Our limitations define our creativity. Whether it’s a commercial, logo, website, or mobile app – defining the target market, campaign goals, and intended message drive how the creative comes together.


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So we took a quick poll around the office and asked: “What is your favorite creative project to work on?” Check out our answers below.

Laura: “Logo design. You have to get so much information in one little mark. And you can’t have anything extra in there that doesn’t belong.”

Olivia: “Infographics! They’re bright, creative images sharing a bunch of fun facts and statistics. They get people informed in an engaging, eye-catching way.

Nicole: “Producing commercials. I like seeing how the actors work and how everything just comes together.”

Kris: “Writing and storyboarding 30-second spots. Radio or TV. I love the limitations of 30 seconds; you have to get right to the point and be interesting enough to keep the audience engaged. And listening to voiceover auditions is always a hoot.”

So tell us…what’s your favorite creative project to work on?

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