Custom Web & Mobile Design to Meet Your Unique Needs


Every project we work on is as unique as the clients who trust us with their brands. From mobile sales tools and informational sites to eCommerce platforms housing thousands of products, MCG has designed and developed a wide range of digital sites and mobile applications.


Jetting Calculator:

Jetstream of Houston, a Federal Signal company (NYSE: FSS), is a leading supplier of innovative waterblasting solutions for multiple applications including industrial cleaning, surface preparation, hydro-demolition, and abrasive waterjet cutting. MCG was tasked with the redesign of the Jetstream site, which included an innovative jetting calculator and over 3,000 products in its unique eCommerce online store.


Using engineering configurations supplied by Jetstream, MCG designed, programmed, and built the Jetstream jetting calculator to help users determine their exact jetting needs. By selecting from a dropdown menu of tools and models, a user can configure their specifications to find the right Jetstream product for their specific application needs.



Seed Guide iPad App:

Prior to merging with LG Seeds, Great Lakes Hybrids was a seed company that sold over 80 varieties of corn, soybeans, and alfalfa. MCG designed and developed the Great Lakes Seed Guide app for iPad, which was one of the first digital seed catalog apps on the market.


Over the years, we made several updates to the Great Lakes seed guide app to include the latest product offerings and updates. The app was a great digital sales tool for the Great Lakes team to use out in the field, and their customers loved being able find all of their favorite products right at their fingertips.



Ceiling Estimator App:

Rockfon, an international company based in Chicago, builds and manufactures high end ceiling and acoustic systems. Rockfon came to us looking to build a custom mobile app for iPad – something that their sales team could use to estimate large-scale projects.


Since the Rockfon estimator app is a web-based application, it can be viewed and used from desktop, phone, or tablet. The Rockfon team loved how intuitive the tool is, especially with its ability to conveniently generate and email a PDF project quote directly from the application – saving them frustration and a lot of time.



Customer-focused Website:

CHS Elburn is a Fortune 100 company committed to delivering world-class value to local farmers in northern Illinois, southern Wisconsin, and eastern Iowa.


MCG designed the CHS Elburn website in keeping with the company’s corporate standards and to be responsive to their customers’ ongoing daily needs. The site experiences a heavy daily dose of traffic as customers check grain prices, commodity quotes, financing options, and radar and weather. The site also features a number of plugins and newsfeeds tied to their corporate CHS offices in Minnesota.




Landing Pages and Informational Websites:

Landing pages are a great way to promote special events and offerings, such as the branding and signage we created for Field Reveal’s 20th anniversary.


The new branding and website we designed for the Innovation Center, based in Aberdeen, S.D., is a central location where customers can find all the parts, products, and services offered by the Innovation Center. The website also houses videos to help share their story with their customers.



Head on over to Our Work to see the many other custom websites and mobile apps we’ve had the pleasure of working on for our clients.




Are you looking for a new interactive sales tool to give your customers a better way to connect with you? Do you have an upcoming milestone or special event you’re looking to promote? Or is your website simply in need of a refresh? Give us a call at 630-945-3390. We’re always happy to discuss new ways to creatively meet your business needs.

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