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Creativity, Hard Work, and the American Spirit

As we close out the first month of 2018, we wanted to take a quick look at one of our favorite and most recent projects, American Spirit: a year-round celebration of inspirational quotes, and its accompanying animated video.



The drive to succeed knows no season. Join us as we look inside the building of American Spirit.


The Calendar

Inspirational calendars certainly aren’t new. Neither are holiday mailers. But it’s been quite a while since we did one at MCG. I think the last time we did a calendar mailer was in 2008 or 2009. So, after almost ten years it felt like maybe it was time to do a calendar.


The idea to do an inspirational calendar came from so many of the positive quotes that are always circulating on social media. We’ve posted quite a few of these ourselves from MCG, and we’ve always found them to be helpful – and hopeful.


If you work hard enough and you’re passionate about what you do, good things will happen. We’ve always believed this, and we believe it now more than ever.


So we had a thought: why not share a little of this positivity with those around us?



We selected inspirational quotes by notable Americans in business, the arts, and entertainment. Quotes about courage, perseverance, creativity, and hard work. These are things that we personally believe in and that inspire us every day.


We looked at a few different options for the calendar stand and settled on the little wooden easel. It was lightweight, a nice size, and has a nice roughness to it that ties into the theme of American Spirit.




The Video

We love doing animated videos and felt we had a little more to say than simply repeating others’ words, so the beginning of a script started to form.


The video concept came to me while on a business trip working with farmers in South Dakota. We’ve worked in agriculture for quite some time, but what inspired me on this particular trip was how hard farmers generally work.


They don’t punch out at 5PM. The have an incredible work ethic and keep going until the work is done. They’re usually battling against weather, machinery breakdowns, and fluctuating commodity prices – and still, they persevere.



As I already had the inspirational calendar on my mind, it occurred to me that farmers are the ultimate entrepreneurs.


These words from the video were born in a field somewhere in the middle of South Dakota:


The heart of America is built on hard work

Tireless innovation and the grit to get up and go just can’t be taught


This is as true of the farmers I’ve met as it is about the most successful people I’ve known in business and other walks of life.


Tying It All Together

Once we selected the quotes, the design of the calendar came together very quickly. We knew we wanted to use an American theme of red, white, and blue, and those happen to be our colors at MCG as well.


We used similar artwork in both the calendar and the video, and we let Alan loose on the animation to pull everything together.


Just as farmers grow their crops year after year, inspiration is grown out of even the smallest ideas. As the great Maya Angelou said, “You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.”



2018 marks 14 years MCG has been in business, and we’ve been so fortunate to have so many friends, clients, and colleagues we’ve met along the way. Mostly, I’ve been amazed to see that creativity never dries up. And for that, I am most thankful.


Where will inspiration take you?


We hope your new year is full of opportunities, and that you, too, grow something extraordinary.


We hope you’re enjoying your 2018 inspirational calendar, American Spirit. If you haven’t received one, it’s not too late – just let us know, and we’ll send one your way.


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