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Creating Engaging Technical Videos


At the heart of graphic design and marketing is the art of communicating messages and ideas in a memorable, visual way. When breaking down a technical process for ease of use and understanding, every detail needs to be considered.


When Old Second National Bank tasked Martinez Creative Group with creating instructional videos on how to use the features of O2 Digital Banking, we knew we had to convey the technical process in a way that would be easy to understand, especially with older customers who may be new to digital banking.



Tutorial videos often aren’t the most creative projects in the world, but they do need to be clear, concise, and engaging. Everything from the graphics to the voiceover needs to be easily read and clearly understood.


Two versions of the video needed to be created: one for desktop, and one for mobile. While the content for the two videos was similar, the desktop and mobile app are actually different platforms that required two different videos. There are also additional steps on the mobile app such as two-factor authentication that needed to be included.



To begin writing the script, we put ourselves in the mindset of the user who would be accessing O2 Digital. We worked with the Old Second team to build the concept by going through each process step by step. Both scripts were edited and read aloud several times for logic, resonance, clarity, and timing.


For the images, we used different screenshots of the digital portal, along with supporting images of broader banking concepts. Then we storyboarded the content to map out the movement and determine any gaps that were missing. Finally, our animator Gavin pulled everything together to bring the final videos to life, which are featured on Old Second’s website, social media, and in lobbies at all 29 bank locations.




The result is two videos that clearly convey how to use Old Second’s latest digital offering, which offers customers the freedom to bank from wherever it’s most convenient.


If you’re looking to create instructional or tutorial videos, give us a call at 630-945-3390 or email us. We’ll be happy to discuss your project with you and help you to determine the best way to reach your target market.



The “O2” and “Old Second” name, logo and/or trademark refer to Old Second National Bank are the property of and used with permission by Old Second Bancorp, Inc.

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