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Jetstream: A Global Leader in Waterblasting Technology

  Jetstream of Houston, a Federal Signal company (NYSE: FSS), is a leading supplier of innovative waterblasting solutions for a wide range of applications including industrial cleaning, surface preparation, hydro-demolition, and abrasive waterjet cutting. MCG was tasked with the redesign …

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A Branding Refresh for the City of St. Charles

When the City of St. Charles came to us looking for a branding redesign, we immediately jumped on board with this exciting project. While the City already had an established logo and brand messaging, they knew that their logo and …

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MCG Welcomes Summer Marketing Communications Intern

This summer, we’re excited to welcome Jack as our Marketing Communications intern at MCG. Jack has been with us since mid May and is working on video scripts, social media, web content, and other writing projects. Jack is interested in …

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The Power of Vulnerability

  People try to hide vulnerability at all costs. I find this is especially true for female entrepreneurs. We’re so busy working to manage it all – or at least projecting the appearance that we’re managing it all. But focusing …

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MCG Celebrates 15 Years

  2019 marks the 15th year MCG has been in business, and it’s been a heck of a ride. I can’t believe when I started off freelancing on my own in 2004 that MCG would be what it is today. …

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3 Tips to be More Persuasive in Your Communications

How often do you struggle with writing some of your most basic marketing communications?   Even weak writers can learn how to engage an online audience. All it takes is a little creativity and a basic idea about what your …

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9 Steps to Keep Your Video Budget on Track

There’s no doubt that video marketing is all the rage. Modern brands need to know not only what kinds of videos to make, but also how to shoot them without blowing the budget.   Just 10 years ago, online video marketing almost wasn’t worth …

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5 Reasons Why Graphic Design is Critical for Your Message

Graphic design is an essential element of marketing success for any business and should play a huge role in your marketing plan – from message delivery to user experience.     Graphic design isn’t just having access to the right …

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How Do You Brand Something You Can’t See?

  How do you brand something you can’t see? This was one of the first questions we had when STANLEY Security tapped us for a new image campaign for Thermal Perimeter Detection, a thermal-based security system.   Thermal Perimeter Detection …

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FieldReveal: New Branding Campaign Celebrates 20th Anniversary

FieldReveal is a proven precision ag system and comprehensive mapping and data platform built for agronomists. To help celebrate the longevity of their success, FieldReveal needed a memorable way to mark their 20th anniversary and tapped MCG with the branding project. The FieldReveal …

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