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7 Tips for Creating Compelling Video Content

Chances are, you’re probably already aware of the popularity of video content on social media. Users love video because it’s easy to digest, easier to share, and it’s memorable. Because smartphones have made video viewing and sharing so easy, it’s quickly become the most-consumed media across all age and social demographics.



Marketers love using video because it increases engagement. In fact, social media posts with video generate 10 times more engagement, on average, that basic text-only content. It’s become increasingly clear that all businesses, large and small, should be integrating video into their marketing strategy to capitalize on the power of this memorable medium.


If you’re considering how to build more video into your marketing and social media to generate better response, consider these 7 basic elements for producing engaging video content:


  1. Right Off the Bat

The first few seconds of any video are the most critical for engagement: be sure to build an intriguing story or dynamic event that your viewers will engage with right away. Consider opening with a powerful statement, story, or question to draw the viewer in.



  1. Engage Your Audience

Have a new product or service you’re trying to promote? Or a case study of how you solved an important problem? Setting up a problem that gets resolved is a dynamic way to engage an audience.


  1. Feature Faces

People are naturally drawn to seeing other people in video. Including people in at least a portion of your video helps to humanize your brand or company. Videos with human faces also increase viewer rates and drive a higher rate of retention.



  1. Quality Production

Video can be shot on almost any smartphone or tablet, with fairly good results. Whether you’re shooting video yourself or using a professional, be sure to pay attention to the details such as:

  • close up shots
  • wide angle shots
  • quick movement or action
  • music
  • sound quality
  • lighting



  1. Graphics

On-screen graphics that explain concepts or reiterate a point can be helpful, especially if a viewer needs to mute the video: they can still follow along with the story. Lower thirds for names and titles of key customers and personnel are also helpful and tend to be more memorable than straight video alone.


  1. Branding

Be sure to include your company logo and tagline at the beginning and end of your video to help tie your messaging into your brand. Consider using some light animation to help bring your logo to life.



  1. Less is More

The more prevalent video has been used in social media, the shorter the format has become – which in turn has shortened viewers’ attention spans. Be sure to get to your point quickly, say it well, and move on. Don’t be tempted to include extraneous dialogue or footage just to add length: this will only compel most viewers to click “close” and walk away. Editing is your friend; be sure to use it well and often.


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