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6 Mistakes Businesses Make in Branding


Many brands suffer from an inconsistent corporate identity or inconsistency across different platforms. It’s important that your company is sharing the same message and visuals across all channels so that your customers know who they’re dealing with. Be sure that all of your marketing materials have the same look and feel across all platforms, from your website and social media channels to your print communications, video, and signage.




Poor visuals or no visuals

It’s true that images speak louder than words. Be sure that you create a marketing presence that evokes a strong sense of who your company is through visuals that tell a story. It’s also important that your visuals are high quality and optimized for web, print, or large format graphics.


An outdated website

Building a website and not maintaining it not only looks bad to your customers and prospects – but it can be negatively affecting your search results. Everyone wants to find you on mobile. More importantly, Google is now giving priority and top ranking to websites that are mobile – so do your company a favor and make sure your site is mobile optimized.



Not hiring a professional designer

If you’re in business, you need to look professional. Be sure to hire a qualified graphic designer or marketing firm to give your company the professional, polished look and feel that you need in order to give your group credibility. Don’t leave the look of your company to amateurs.



Not being realistic about your marketing budget or goals

Branding takes time and should be handled by a professional team. Most business owners focus on their core business and don’t know about other areas such as accounting, HR, or marketing. It takes time to build a business reputation to get customers and meet your business objectives. Get a few estimates and determine what you can realistically handle on your own, and what you should leave to the professionals.



Not training employees to be your brand ambassadors

Creating a style guide is only half the battle. You need to be proactive on implementing and monitoring how the guide is being used on your behalf – by your employees or subcontractors. Train your staff on your brand’s messaging, core values, and value proposition. Be sure they can sell your business as well a you can.





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